Browder Springs:  A Henry Tamborne Adventure

It’s Dallas in the 1870s.  Some people will get rich.  Some people will die.

A serial killer is loose in frontier Dallas.   And only Henry Tamborne seems to care.

The same day the first train pulls into Dallas they pull the first tortured body from a well near Browder Springs. 

No one links the new train and the dead man until later.  A tangle of political favors, the bitter memories of slavery and sexual intrigue obscure the truth.  But eventually Henry Tamborne, a young newspaperman, deciphers the connections.  He comes to understand that a conspiracy brought the railroad and its riches to Dallas; a conspiracy that also brings death and destruction to the town . . . and maybe to those closest to him.

Now it’s a race to see if Henry can make others see the danger they face before it’s too late.

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