Chuck Curtis

When Chuck Curtis was in high school, he noticed that he received As in English and Cs in Chemistry.   This was his first clue that he was not going to be a chemical engineer, which had been his plan.  Instead, he went to Journalism School at the University of Missouri and spent the next 40 years writing advertising copy.  Then he retired to Dallas, Texas.  Dallas, he discovered, began its meteoric growth because it was the crossroads of two railroads in the 1870s.  But the railroads didn’t come to Dallas by a happy coincidence.  Money changed hands; the Texas legislature passed a slippery law in the dead of night.  And the crossroads that had been planned for Corsicana, Texas was laid through Dallas instead.   The people of Corsicana must have been mad – mad enough to kill in Chuck’s first novel, “Browder Springs.”

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